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The continuation of MedaL's work in Wormy cinematography doesn't disappoint, but neither does it innovate drastically.

It includes everything you'd expect after seeing the White Flag movies: bombastic visual effects, Germans doing outrageous things in Elite, lots of Super Sheep and roping antics and the occasional self-destructive mess up. Although it has to be said that the effects are less obtrusive this time around and the cast is considerably more multinational, so it's more than just a movie about the CF clan members' skills.

On release, some of the scenes in the movie caused a bit of drama on the Wormy forums because MedaL decided to include replays of skills only achievable through using non-public versions of the game. The situation has calmed down since, but here's a list of the tool assisted scenes anyway [if anyone knows any I haven't spotted, do contact us]:

- Wyvern's Warmer turn
- Deadcode's pixel-perfect Super Sheep run
Author: MedaL
Creation date: 19th April 2007
WormTube release: 29 April, 2007
Download: Tricky.wmv (61.44 MB)
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Adam - 27 March 2014, 18:32
Yes. I know. But its way to fast for me to see :D Thanks for saying it :D
KRD - 23 March 2014, 02:24
Same way you don't take damage when roping normally, by making sure your rope is attached to something before bouncing against the map and walls with your worm.
Adam - 21 March 2014, 06:55
KRD. Yes i know that. But how he does'nt take damage is what im asking
Adam - 5 March 2014, 14:20
1:35 big mistake! thats FFie
KRD - 2 March 2014, 02:10
Not cheating, it's just a replay created with the TA (tool-assisted) build of the game, and the /teststuff mode enabled on top of that.

I'll admit it looks pretty crazy, though. :D
Adam - 28 February 2014, 15:33
6:50 is WYVERN cheating?
ur nickname - 29 June 2011, 15:27
deathkilla - 17 May 2011, 12:14
OMFG!!!!!SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
p4YS3r - 10 February 2011, 00:48
unbelievable. wish i was older so i could play with real pros ;P
jaidjaidj - 5 October 2010, 23:48
o0xXx0o - 31 May 2010, 15:30
Very Nice!
M3ntal - 14 May 2009, 04:29
i sux
Zippo - 2 May 2009, 11:38
sahusahushusahusa eval sheep shaushuasa

very funny =D n work
van - 5 March 2009, 11:17
yup, I like how it's synched with music
ShAdOwFoRc3 - 1 March 2009, 19:27
Werry nice and enjoyable *crying for happyness* thx for the vid!
chase - 2 March 2008, 01:22
vn! :D love these movies!
codex - 29 May 2007, 08:31
nice movie medal ;)
kekskruemel - 14 May 2007, 20:19
gj :) :>
KRD - 14 May 2007, 11:26
Mike got his answer on the T17 forums already. Hi, Mike!
mike - 10 May 2007, 01:32
how do you shoot downwards? let me know :) (MSN)
DarkOne - 2 May 2007, 11:49
Factual error: The shot credited to white mage was done by FatalFanatic (FFie)
KRD - 1 May 2007, 15:02
Koen - 1 May 2007, 02:50
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