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Author: Darkone
Creation date: 28th January, 2017
WormTube release: 28 January, 2017
Download: TdC.mp4 (697.51 MB)
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Alien - 27 May 2017, 07:45
Very Scary Stories, 18+ only ! Haha nice Movie and Happy Birthday, have a DarkOne.. eh, i mean GoodOne. :D
DarkOne - 12 March 2017, 21:37
Thank you, Ledan :)

Red Jack: You might prefer the Worst Shot Ever videos. I'm not exactly sure how you interpret the final section if you think this is an ego enforcing video though.
However it is, I'm sure you'll make it fit with your pre existing view of the kind of people we are :)
Red Jack - 7 March 2017, 20:53
Christ! The Worms Armageddon online community sure love patting themselves on the back.
Ledan - 7 March 2017, 17:30
Very good work!
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