The trailer video that you've seen around the web, including Team17's official announcement of the long-awaited W:A v3.8 update, is here in its full quality glory!

The video itself was finished three years before the v3.8 launch! Yet, it was ahead of its time: you can see some features only available in the latest version.
Author: OutofOrder
Creation date: 23rd February, 2017
WormTube release: 17 July, 2020
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EgorCompot - 19 June 2022, 20:51
Finally, new apdate
Zemke - 17 November 2021, 11:16
Could watch this a million times and always you’re going to see something new. This time I’ve discovered Mother Hulda, I think. :D
AceR - 17 April 2021, 06:58
Boolc - 29 January 2021, 18:21
cool trailer, gj
DoncreteConkey - 1 November 2020, 12:13
"Hehehe.." at the end killed me!
KRD - 18 July 2020, 21:46
This might be the best thing on WormTube now.

I don't know how I feel about that yet...
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