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*wormers described may not necessarily be included in this production*

Welcome to Showcase!

The first worms movie and tournament all in one!

Each wormer in this movie sent me replays of their best moments along with their choice of music and thus the first video tournament was born ;O

Please vote for who you think should be the Showcase Champion!!!

Send votes to me with a private message or by email to

Let the games commence!!

Cueshark :<

P.S -

If people are generally in favour of the idea I intend to start collecting people's replays for Showcase #2. I'll also welcome ideas for the structure of the tournament so this becomes a real community effort.

Should the replays be a mish mash of all types of should there be a separate showcase for ropers or artillery players etc? Any other suggestions welcome.
Author: Cueshark
Creation date: 5th May, 2009
WormTube release: 5 May, 2009
Download: Showcase2.avi (141.44 MB)
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SnipeR - 17 October 2010, 18:22
benz ftw
IGYKITO - 17 January 2010, 19:15
Darkonde.... Very nice job
Oblomoff - 31 December 2009, 08:59
Too bad WWP doesn't have a replay feature - i would showed you how mortar flies through a reallly long (about a 1/4 of random map) blowtorch tunnel.
feche - 29 December 2009, 16:31
fantastic video

Tomi - 29 December 2009, 09:30
VN movie!
NinjaCamel - 29 October 2009, 19:32
Darkone ftw! And Cues roping rocks
Ombodi77 - 1 July 2009, 21:36
Cybershadow really rox, but what a great map from Mental!!! GJ Guys!
pwn0r - 1 June 2009, 10:50
Cybershadow is best !!! omg!!! he rules!!!
KRD - 27 May 2009, 14:33
Boring facialstructure.
HeroHolger - 18 May 2009, 15:39
boring replaycompilation
Koras - 18 May 2009, 03:51
good job guys!
Bloopy - 12 May 2009, 02:24
DarkOne was the best I thought. 8) Liked Wyv's too.
Cueshark - 9 May 2009, 19:37
Hi Kiros :P
anon - 9 May 2009, 18:11
kiros ftw xddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Konar6 - 9 May 2009, 12:56
DarkOne or Random for the win! :) Random is an elite god.
Wyv - 9 May 2009, 12:20
Crazy, check out the "Discuss" link below the video, you can already send replays to Cue for the next showcase. :)
f4st - 9 May 2009, 07:34
CueFish!! The RR part pwns ;)
Crazy - 8 May 2009, 22:53
Nice work you`ve done here, Cue! I really like your videos. I was not aware of this project, so I hope there will be a showcase #2 some time in the future, as I`d like to send in some replays :) That being said, some really nice moves collected in one video here!
Twyrfher - 8 May 2009, 16:55
a mish mash. Everyone knows which movement rocks or sucks, indepent of the scheme.
zippo - 6 May 2009, 17:44
loooooooooooooooolllllllllll SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER OLD !!!!!!!

my god....have random nade me in my very old team aswxanarquistas shaushuahsuahsa

very very very very old =P

3 or 4 years =P
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