The second compilation based on Run's replay collection, Worst. Shot. Ever.

Author: Xray99
Creation date: June 3rd, 2009
WormTube release: 6 June, 2009
Download: MDGHBL2.wmv (45.92 MB)
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Eg9plant - 7 September 2010, 10:16
Awesome video! I laughed so damm hard at this! :P:P'
angus - 9 June 2010, 01:59
hhoho very funny
Oblomoff - 5 January 2010, 23:44
I got just the one like in 1.33 but with 3 times longer tunnel and with mortar! (the mortar flew to the water later) But that was in WWP, so i don't have it :((
HeroHolger - 14 June 2009, 20:26
very funny... i like it
Ray - 14 June 2009, 09:50
Thanks guys!

Just to make sure: I did not create this video to hurt anyone's personal feelings, only shows funny scenes and I hope that nobody is hurt! That's why I did not show names.
Alenic - 10 June 2009, 22:16
LOL, very nice video !
Gonzo - 7 June 2009, 20:43
funny :D
kil?ka - 7 June 2009, 14:05
nan? hogy velem kezdi, te kis szőr?stalp?. Nem hittem volna, hogy ennyit j?tszol. Am?gy ?rdekes, igy ut?lag m?g ?nis kinevettem a saj?t balfaszs?gomat :D

nice video
Cueshark - 7 June 2009, 08:34
Awesomely funny movie! Nice one Ray :D
c0o1 - 6 June 2009, 22:18

Thank you!!

So damn funny!!!

Great songs for bad luck!! :p I laughed so loud!!
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