Beat the Sheep 2

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Just thought I'd moviefy the 2nd Beat the Sheep map. Enjoy! :D
Author: Cueshark
Creation date: 5th January, 2012
WormTube release: 6 January, 2012
Download: BTS2FINAL.mp4 (34.53 MB)
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xANKAxConny - 15 October 2012, 17:33
Really liked this idea. There should be more maps/schemes like this!
Husk - 15 January 2012, 18:36
awesome roping, nice editing and good choice of music, and loved the arch at 1:50
chovas - 15 January 2012, 00:42
Typical high cue-ality production ^^ gj there! C'mon people, make bts maps big rr style also! It would be awesome...
Wolfgang - 8 January 2012, 17:04
nice cueshark gj ;)
KRD - 7 January 2012, 17:11
Frighteningly consistent roping there. Jeez.

Farthest I got was to the grey part. D:
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