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Merry Christmas!

It's still Christmas eve this side of the world, but for those of you already in the 25th, we have a surprise:

Showcase 4 released!

Voting is enabled, go watch those awesome wormers and their stunts, and cast your votes away!
Posted by OutofOrder on 24 December 2013

Happy New Year! And Happy 100th video, WormTube!

That's right, WormTube just made it to the Club of the Hundred Videos available to stream to the Worms community.

Some recent site changes were made that make file upload much easier for video makers, so don't hesitate and come tell us you want your Wormy video hosted at WT!
Posted by OutofOrder on 2 January 2013

"Is this thing on? 1 2 3 test"

You may notice that the smaller videos now can be resized to 150% to help with viewing without fullscreen. Just click on the magnifying glass besides the video player. I wonder how many of you still use small screens?
You can also turn backlights off and enjoy a cinema ambience by clicking on the little lightbulb! Hope you like these petty features.
Maybe more features to come (unannouced), keep watching!
Posted by OutofOrder on 30 April 2012

Absolute Re-encode

If you happen to think that all the streamed movies now look better than before, it's because they do!

Thanks to CyberShadow, every SD movie was re-encoded from the original video file using the H.264 video and AAC audio codecs in an MP4 container. This resulted in higher quality than their previous FLV/F4V versions. File sizes have even decreased a little on average, so the switch was well worth it.

Now please, sit back and enjoy!
Posted by OutofOrder on 8 June 2010

Website Upgrade

The site has gone under a long due major upgrade, as you may have already noticed.
In order to catch up with these times, some new features were introduced like video galleries, thumbnails, movie search, etc., but the most important part is that the website looks much better now. :) Or at least I hope so.

Also, you may switch between the available website skins at anytime by changing the skin option at the bottom of the page.
Alright, browse around, choose a movie, sit back and enjoy!

By the way: The domain will soon expire. If you have bookmarked WormTube using this URL, please update your bookmarks to link to
Posted by OutofOrder on 7 April 2010

High Definition, Baby!

WormTube goes HD!

This feature will stream the high-quality video file (the same one accessible through the "Download" link). However, due to Flash restrictions, this is only possible for the H.264 / MP4 codec/file format combination. Movie authors, use H.264 if you'd like your new movies to appear in HD on WormTube! (You may use another container for H.264, e.g. Matroska or M4V, and I'll remux it for you.) Similarly, if you still have the master (raw) from your movie, you could re-encode it for HD support - let me know.

As for existing movies, only a few movies qualify for HD (among which, notably, OutofOrder's Movie of Earth, Fire, Air and Water). Adding HD quality to other movies would mean either reencoding the full versions (which would mean quality loss due to the reencode), or hosting two high-quality versions of videos, nearly doubling the required disk space - neither of these are worth the small commodity of watching the high-quality versions in your web browser.
Posted by CyberShadow on 16 January 2010


Comments work now. (How come no one told me?)
Posted by CyberShadow on 26 January 2009

Good news, everyone!

I took the time to re-encode the videos on the site to the new Flash video codec (VP6 a.k.a. FLV4). This means that videos will look better AND load faster! Hurray!

P.S. Please send video submissions to ME, because Koen can't encode them properly. Please do not give me YouTube/RapidShare/etc. links - contact me and I will give you an FTP account to upload the video to.
Posted by CyberShadow on 18 September 2008

Server switch

CyberShadow and I just moved over WormTube from the old server hosted on DreamHost onto a dedicated server. The response times and downloads should go a lot faster now!

Update: If you can read this, the new server works for you. Comments from the past few days *might* have gone missing since there was a bit of time between the backup date of the DB and the switch to the new server. Please support the movie makers and repost your comments if they are missing!
Posted by Koen on 10 September 2008

Guys, guys!

I've been back for a while now, so I'll be handling movie submissions again. If you want a movie uploaded, please contact me. I'm pretty much always in #worms on GameSurge, so that's the best way to contact me.
Posted by Koen on 25 August 2008

In case you missed it...

As Koen is very busy with life stuff, I'll be handling movie submissions until he comes back (and maybe after that). Find me on #worms or on the Team17 forums.
Posted by CyberShadow on 23 September 2007

Downtimes ;D

The downtimes seem to be gone, it was a problem at the hosting company and not the server being overloaded.
Posted by Koen on 30 April 2007
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