During this week's TUS Rope Race challenge, Dulek and I both got 2 sets of equal times. Quite a rare thing to happen so it's only fair to make a real time vid!

Music is Dr GAS - Turrican 2 [Turrican 2 - Turrican Traps]

Have fun wormers!
Author: Cueshark
Creation date: 13th February, 2012
WormTube release: 13 February, 2012
Download: rtrfinal.mp4 (33.97 MB)
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Sam - 7 July 2013, 01:45
Is this worms armageddon come out yet?
RĂºben G. - 24 March 2012, 18:29
How do you changed the worms colours?
TdC'Wolfgang - 13 February 2012, 20:43
jaja nice
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