High Voltage

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CueShark's movie about the W:A Beta update. It was supposed to be a promo movie and released as a teaser for the update before the later was released, but the update was released sooner than the movie (due to some technical issues in creating it). So, now it's just a promo for the advantages of the W:A Beta updates :)
Author: Cueshark
Creation date: August 14th, 2007
WormTube release: 20 August, 2007
Download: HighVoltage-Cueshark2.avi (67.39 MB)
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X-Ray99 - 19 February 2008, 15:29
one of my favs from Cueshark, n1
Tiger - 10 February 2008, 17:06
you cannot get it its an effect with a video program^^
DerTo - 7 September 2007, 16:50
How can you get this kind of Golden Supersheep?
I've never seen it before...
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