dPx movie trailer

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dPx movie trailer.
Author: Xray99
Creation date: 4 March 2008
WormTube release: 3 March, 2008
Download: dP_trailer.wmv (4.31 MB)
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Xray99 - 27 June 2008, 10:13
wow thx pr, I havent even noticed this before
there are lots of good things
pr - 24 March 2008, 06:02
just execute disablephone.reg in your tweaks folder :p
Xray99 - 17 March 2008, 15:23
lol how to disable that?
I didnt wanna copy any style, I made it without seeing that movie :S
pr - 16 March 2008, 15:54
lol, disable phone calls in movies
HeroHolger - 10 March 2008, 14:46
hey, you copy the Style of the DDUDD-Clan-Movie "aCtion Worms"
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