Loaded Weapons

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Loaded Weapons is Kekskruemel's second gameplay movie and it's probably the most diverse and wacky one ever made. In all aspects.

It starts off with a NSFW warm up session, has an actual animated storyline and [almost, heh] 24 minutes of damn impressive Wormy action. The skill is what what counts in the end and there's plenty of it there, although sometimes the screen fades to black a little too soon and the effects cover some details up here and there.

But that's okay. What's important is you'll see moves taken from replays of many schemes by many familiar community faces and enjoy the overall quality of the production.
Author: Kekskruemel
Creation date: 23rd October 2005
WormTube release: 29 April, 2007
Download: LWfinal.avi (140.15 MB)
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Adam - 9 March 2014, 17:22
FoxHound - 26 November 2009, 00:48
I saw the entire movie, very nice work! The super sheeps were the most impressing skill in the movie for me!
HeroHolger (update) - 15 April 2009, 00:01
you can download the 9.81m/s?-movie here
HeroHolger - 14 April 2009, 23:53
i downloaded the Video via emule long time ago. I have it on my PC, if you write here your email i will give u an FTP-Host.

The name is

9.81m s2.mpeg

If ther e more interest maybe the we can use a public-server for this video.

Buduaars - 22 February 2009, 16:03
Hi again! Where I can download that animationfilm- A Worms Life-9.81m/s ?
Thanks :)
Worm - 19 February 2009, 14:50
Amazing!Cool barrel explosion efect on 2:56 :)
Buduaars - 18 February 2009, 21:01
wow how you made that explosion effects for the barrels at 2:56?
It's a video effect or in a game?
And,yes video is very,very good made, good work :) And wait more video :)
gaby - 3 November 2008, 00:01
no entiendo ni ma...
oO - 24 October 2008, 03:38
Wormmy - 23 October 2008, 09:43
This is the greatest video I ever seen bout worms in my f***ing life.. I'll go find more to see if some1 can beat u.

Run - 26 May 2007, 18:10
awesome movie
i love those explosion effects you added (like for the barrels at 2:56) :D
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