The War II

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(i dont know what to say here lol) A compilation of nice moves during NNN matches and funners within the Army Worms (Felo's team) and his opponents. After watching this video you can't say Intermediate is not the best scheme ever
Author: Felo
Creation date: 11th July 2010
WormTube release: 13 July, 2010
Download: WA THE WAR II.wmv (130.06 MB)
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Korydex - 27 August 2011, 17:05
Sweet video! :)
Felo - 26 September 2010, 00:37
The problem is that the music starts later in the video, and it goes like that in the whole video, but without that problem it works cool :D
Felo - 26 September 2010, 00:30
Thanks ppl!
I recommend to download the video because online it has some shitty problems with the frames
Tities - 22 August 2010, 05:55
Made in Urugay.. lol fucked with the video XDDDD jk
Calla - 8 August 2010, 16:47
Bien ahi Felito!! Esta bueno el video.. Segui asi capo!!

Very nice Felo!!
ricky - 1 August 2010, 10:57
the bit at 2:10 was awsome!
Zemke - 16 July 2010, 15:17
Well done, Felo! :O
Felo - 13 July 2010, 17:35
CS: I ll Ask Out of Order, to explain me how to do that
Felo - 13 July 2010, 17:33
Yeah, there are a couple of Hysteria Shoots that were too good to not show them hehe..
Felo - 13 July 2010, 17:31
Ok! Lets see what i can do..
Maciej - 13 July 2010, 14:48
there are movies from hysteria too, aren't there?
InZa - 13 July 2010, 12:08
The link didn't work for me, so I replaced the "+" with "%20" and there we go.
CyberShadow - 13 July 2010, 09:21
Also, is it just me or is the aspect ratio a bit off?
CyberShadow - 13 July 2010, 09:08
I noticed your WMV has a weird FPS (30333/1001), and thus has ugly temporal resampling (some frames are blurred). This reduces quality and increases file size... As the movie creation guide mentions, you should use the same FPS you used when extracting the frames from the replays. If you can re-export the video at the correct FPS, let me know and I'll re-encode it.
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