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Ever thought you knew all about Beta updates? Or have you missed out on the latest ones? Wanna know what's about to come?
Then here's a review video of some of the most important fixes and added features in Worms: Armageddon Beta updates.
Author: OutofOrder
Creation date: September 2010
WormTube release: 4 September, 2010
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w2-Destroier - 26 December 2020, 14:16
Thanks for the work! Definitely, my life would be other if weren't the updates. Greetings from the future during the 2020 pandemic.
Sander - 11 September 2017, 02:31
Ficou perfeito!!!
Asbest - 25 April 2016, 16:54
what the hell lol, this is cueshark no?
Adam - 24 January 2014, 20:11
sounds like cueshark
Sam - 7 July 2013, 01:56
Where can i buy this update?
Titmouse Cock - 21 January 2011, 17:19
It looks cool, maybe I should get my hands on WA again... but I also found it as cheating thay you were able to see what the other players have in their inventories
OutofOrder - 26 October 2010, 20:49
Diablo: http://wa.team17.com
OutofOrder - 26 October 2010, 20:48
Oh well emd, it was off by a few hours ;)

By the way, there are two nice features not reviewed in the video (my bad). Errata:
- When joining a game and you start downloading a map, the download progress is shown as a grey bar behind the nickname.
- (New) When watching a replay, you can tap Space in order to skip playback to the beggining of the next turn.
diablo - 26 October 2010, 20:46
were can i download this new update ?!?
emd - 26 October 2010, 12:25
"New Beta Out 26th October 2010 at 10:30 UTC" - 12:23 UTC now and ther is still NO new release!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clogg - 1 October 2010, 11:52
Hi. I would like to ask you (not sure if Im in right discusion) to include some plugins in the new wersion. Thigs like /multishot, /antisink, or wkIndiMask.dll (that alows you to set some colors as breakable and some as indestructable and gets activated by presence of one particular color) open realy wide range of possibilities in game setting and creating new schemes. Its hard to get some players play on you map when they dont have wormkit + this indiMask plugin for example..
mychaelo - 25 September 2010, 12:58
great vid to show features most WA players didnt have been aware of. though i remember most of them (except of 30th-update-exclusive ones)
KRD - 18 September 2010, 12:12
I didn't mind the cheesy music at all, just felt like it really fit the theme. Video definitely does what it was meant to do well, as far as I can tell.

Love all the easter eggs, too.
NAiL - 8 September 2010, 16:47
AlMightyBob, did you not read the description old man? This video does exactly what it says on the tin. It explains what the bew Beta updates are.

This video wasn't made to "draw crowds" as you say, this video was made to "review some of the most important fixes and added features in WA Beta updates", as it says VERY CLEARLY in the description.

If you want videos of impressive and fun gameplay, why dont you check the many other Worms movies there are on Wormtube.

I love the commentary and the way this video has been put together. Its enthusiastic, informative, to the point and most important of all, it isnt pretentious in any way whatsoever.

Great work guys!
AlMightyBob - 7 September 2010, 12:28
The audio makes this sound like a really cheesy 90s rave. One thing that bugs me is that, although this video is fine if you know a reasonable amount already about worms, it's not very helpful to a new user. If I wander along and see this video having heard about this old game that people still play I'd watch this and hear some guy with really cheesy music trying to sound serious with some kinda weird echo who's basically just throwing a bunch of random features at me. It takes like 4 minutes to get to the replay feature which is one of my favourite things to come out of the updates and you didn't even mention the increased worms/map size limit! To the random newb passing by and watching this video they're gonna look at it and say 'It took them 10 years to add in a screenshot key?! I think I'll stick to WR.'

I dunno, I guess I'm being pretty harsh on a fairly simple video (I'm in a harsh mood today). Maybe I'm misinterpreting the video, I just can't seem to tell who this video is for. All these little shortcuts and whatnot are handy for the intermediate player but its hardly gonna draw in a crowd. I just think if you call a video 'Beta Showdown' and then cheese it up to make it more epic or something then you ought to show the excellent update legacy of this excellent game with a bit more...finesse. Cheese is fine if the subject matter is handled well. I think I'm just annoyed cause I love me some worms and if I wanted to show off the game to someone else with a quick video or something I really wouldn't want to show them this. At least your heart's in the right place.

Reading that back makes me sound really mean but I can't be arsed deleting it now.
MasacruAlex - 6 September 2010, 21:59
Looks amazing!
Gal - 6 September 2010, 09:28
Very nice clip!
Some decent updates included in .30, thanks for all the mates that involved with the developing.
Abnaxus - 5 September 2010, 15:54
Wuw, there is pretty nice things there.
Thanks for showing that. :)
Ombi - 5 September 2010, 14:12
Nice video, I learned a lot of new things.
Sophron - 5 September 2010, 14:04
The recent release of W:R brought me back to W:A and I then discovered what has been done in the beta updates I never knew of its existence. I have to congratulate on what's been achieved so far and hope future updates continue to set a new milestone.
W:R is fun and good looking, but it cannot top W:A really unless some modding is done. Only one thing is missing here.. Hats! :P
JR - 5 September 2010, 09:31
So the beta will come out October 26th?
Sebigut - 5 September 2010, 07:45
Well, that's a shame, it was really cool to see those "news" and find a day for the update to be released

On the other side...
¬°Acabo de descubrir que sos argentino! Que bueno descubrir que alguien de aca esta traduciendo un juego que me da tanta diversion.
OutofOrder - 5 September 2010, 00:38
Sebigut: I'm sorry but they were made-up news for the video. But that does not mean they could happen! ;)
Sebigut - 4 September 2010, 22:38
Are the news in the WormNET real?
If it they are there's some AWESOMNESS coming SOON
Zemke - 4 September 2010, 20:44
Nice to see the beta in action. ;)
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