Here you can see what can be done if we would be able to play a Battle Race in realtime! Enjoy!

Made with PX.
Author: StepS
Creation date: 11th December, 2011
WormTube release: 12 December, 2011
Download: realtimeBR.mp4 (35.24 MB)
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KungPow - 21 October 2015, 23:50
Kubu - 29 September 2013, 11:39
I was watching this, then I started laughing and I don't know why.
Husk - 15 January 2012, 18:44
cool stuff [:
DeZDemonA - 12 December 2011, 23:23
Is any mode which allow to play in real time ? It's could be grate in shoppa/roper etc.
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