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The first video of the Hungarian nW clan. It was made when we became 1 year old.
Author: Tomi
Creation date: 28th February, 2010
WormTube release: 5 January, 2013
Download: nvvidi.wmv (109.50 MB)
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dgdfh - 24 April 2014, 12:18
Adam - 23 February 2014, 13:57
Not the last one xD
Adam - 10 February 2014, 16:05
Did u find these 2 songs after the first one from the sexy lords? and same with the last one?
Joe - 12 January 2013, 09:47
Nice videó és most már nincs nonamewormsklán oldal nekem nem akar betölteni :P
Pranksta - 6 January 2013, 20:06
yea, it's kinda a lame/noob movie, but Olympos' supersheeps and Tomi's roping still owns :)

I miss Mate, antihero, CMV, m4ni4c, aha, Kism, Ombi, Peti, Ponty and spepo!
Tomi - 5 January 2013, 16:44
Well this is our first movie, which were made to our 1st birthday. It was my first experience with the movie creator program, so there are some weird effects :D There are some very nice moves, and some not so unique, but the main goal was that every member should have been in the movie. I want to mention here, that Mate was also nW member that time, but I forgot to write his name, coz I copied the names from our website and he wasn't registered there.
This movie is a relic, when there were a lot of active Hungarian players. It was a very nice time.
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