Always wanted to be a Worms Armageddon legend? Worked on polishing your skills for years and years to get your opponents in the most subtle ways?

Forget it. That's not where it's at. In fact, you'll be more successful impressing people if you do the exact opposite. Really, just screw your turns up royally and believe me, this will do the trick.

The most monumental failures even compete for the Worst Shot Ever awards on a yearly basis. This movie puts the spotlight on the most hilarious blunders dedicated Worms Armageddon players have performed during the course of 2013.

Now that you know what it takes to become legend, be sure to upload the finest of your failures via this form:
If the level of failure is deemed great enough, it might earn you a spot among the WSE 2014 winners!
Author: LTK
Creation date: September 23rd, 2014
WormTube release: 23 September, 2014
Download: wse-2013.mp4 (853.36 MB)
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AceR - 17 April 2021, 07:00
xD :)
Courtemanche437 - 10 November 2015, 03:28
Still can't wait for the compilation for last year :/
ZaRR - 19 July 2015, 20:16
Absolutely amazing video! Thanks so much for your site and videos! Keep it up!
LTK - 29 March 2015, 18:34
Cheers guys, your positive comments go straight to my heart. <3
lales - 21 March 2015, 18:00
Watched it one more time :D
Buy Pop-corns ;)
Kaleu - 4 October 2014, 21:35
Great job! 10/10 :)
Joschi - 30 September 2014, 10:45
Cueshark - 29 September 2014, 13:03
Nice work! This was cool : )
kukumber - 25 September 2014, 20:36
Nice and fun! Thanks for making it :)
Boola - 25 September 2014, 06:06
MarianRV - 24 September 2014, 18:31
It's soooooooooooooo awesome!I love it <3
StepS - 23 September 2014, 19:01
Yay! :D
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