Skillz of CRSC

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Clan RSC movie.
Author: Funkynut
Creation date: [N/A], 2006
WormTube release: 25 August, 2008
Download: SoC-The_Movie.avi (181.63 MB)
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dennisfl - 16 November 2014, 16:25
My clan!! Best i ever had!!
Guilty - 19 June 2012, 01:05
Good job ! Nice Movie
f4st - 18 December 2008, 11:06
Omg man, one of the best edited and produced video, but at same time one of the "Wheres the skill?" video...
NAiL - 2 November 2008, 03:57
Aside from a few dodgy fonts, this video has been extremely well edited and produced, great work! Awesome sound track to!
BQ - 21 September 2008, 21:55
Ololo these tricks are so unreal, I assume this video is fake :P
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