The Sexy Lords

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fr4nk's second movie and this time he's done an even better job with practically all aspects of the project.

The replays his sL clan mates provided are quite spectacular, especially the ones containing Warmer roping, I'd say. But just as many great Elite, RR and funny moves made it in, so this is an enjoyable watch [note to movie makers: special effects are only used between replays, not during them] and a suitable tribute to one of the game's great clans.

Rest in peace, Sexy Lords. Or better yet, stick around, find yourselves new clans and make more movies!
Author: fr4nk
Creation date: 30th October 2006
WormTube release: 29 April, 2007
Download: The_Sexy_Lords.avi (96.54 MB)
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Adam - 13 February 2014, 10:35
fuck u doubletime
Adam - 27 January 2014, 19:01
DoubleTime is a complete asshole
aNgus - 8 May 2010, 02:14
dubletime you suck!
saddf - 12 March 2010, 01:50
doubletime where did you read the movie was gonna be with "skills" ? u motherfucker
Doubletime - 6 February 2009, 14:08
This movie sucks . Allmost every move is luck
NAiL - 24 June 2008, 14:52
Very well produced.
Xray99 - 4 June 2008, 18:53
this movie rocks!!! brilliant
the best players in one clan, in one movie =)
what a shame sL is no more :'(
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