The first movie of a trilogy from the cfc clan.
This is a clan movie focusing on the schemes Hysteria, BnG and Team17.
Creation date: 17th May, 2010
WormTube release: 17 May, 2010
Download: cfc_fail_analogy_vol1.mp4 (133.12 MB)
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z0rk - 6 March 2012, 13:47
nice vid, and music is awesome
FEcheonl - 9 November 2011, 17:37
auto sos un genio armando videos, me encanta los gusanos que les agregas cosas jaja, besos genio
Cueshark - 25 June 2010, 22:35
The presentation is masterful. Great use of zoom and resolution and exporting replays with the freeroam camera. One of the most entertaining movies I've seen and I'm only at part 1. Great use of music and the FAIL section was hilarious. Very nice job.
Sombra - 22 May 2010, 18:00
wena wena felicitaciones ta bonito
lales - 19 May 2010, 04:24
vn video edit
funny games & great shots, except lalo in hysteria...OMG !! not funny ... SO sou fani, jajaja
miss Leroy & Solo, nice pic TOWER ;)
Thiefmymr - 19 May 2010, 00:26
Tabuenoel videoo heee neta q sii se la rifaronn cuando salen los nombree y los monitoss de cada unooo neta q estaaa prooo el mas cabron fue el del bofoo un charroowormmm jaja neta q sii esta chiloo :D
El Warlord del clan JEDI xD - 18 May 2010, 01:41
Weeeee! Muy buen video. buen trabajo cfcs, tremenda la punteria XD. y los fails, como me cague de risa xDDD!
dainubbbbbbbeeee - 18 May 2010, 01:18
D4k - 17 May 2010, 18:34
acabé!!!! Diossssssssssssssss!!
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