The second video from the cfc trilogy, this time featuring roping-related turns, moves and attacks.
Also some cfc members make their debut in this episode!
Creation date: 24th May 2010
WormTube release: 24 May, 2010
Download: cfc_fail_analogy_vol2.mp4 (156.59 MB)
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philie`lol - 29 June 2010, 14:06
i think #2 is the best of all 3 vids;
even if it got the worst music :P
Alenic - 3 June 2010, 18:18
Wow, very nice skill and editing ! GJ ;)
KRD - 25 May 2010, 20:11
42 spotted again, at least three times. Merry Towel Day, everyone!

But yeah, great job with this trilogy. It's all done very well and for a compilation of only one clan's moves, they're quite spectacular.

Synchronisation with the music is another nice touch, but unfortunately I suffer from Queenophobia and kept fighting the urge to mute it. D:
RedMajestic - 25 May 2010, 18:27
Nice Video. Nice music, nice cut, nice video!
w - 25 May 2010, 08:46
nice skills bros ;p
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