Here's the final chapter of the cfc clan saga, which dedicates itself to the Elite scheme by displaying not-so-elite skills.
This release marks the end of the trilogy. Hope you had some fun!
Creation date: 21st June 2010
WormTube release: 22 June, 2010
Download: cfc_fail_analogy_vol3.mp4 (155.09 MB)
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fecheonl - 9 November 2011, 17:30
muy bueno el video jaja
TheKomodo - 24 June 2011, 06:58
OMG Leroy is good with Homing xD
Cueshark - 28 June 2010, 20:38
Stunning work. Some of those replays were amazing. The homing missiles and the drill plus many more. You must have spent a lot of time on this trilogy. Nice one!
zdainub - 27 June 2010, 03:15
los amo , buena auto xD
D4k - 25 June 2010, 04:54
Los amo... no me arrepiento para nada de haberlos conocido ni de tanto tiempo que le dedique a WA
Guaton xD - 23 June 2010, 17:39
best homing shots i have ever seen !

awesome shots leroy
Leroy - 23 June 2010, 14:14
My favourite chapter, thanks OutOfOrder. Very well done as usual!
Auto, eres un elemento inolvidable en este mundillo
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