A Worms movie divided into 3 main scenes, each one of them corresponding into a different clan value, such as Loyalty, Friendship and Compromise. And believe me when I say: it gets better and better.
Even when it includes some awesome shots, is not a skill-based video, but an overall view of our clan. I had to collect some replays from everywhere, and get some footage from previously rendered and published videos, that's why you'll see a few scenes with a barely noticeable less quality.

Author: xJEDIxWormer
Creation date: 10th November, 2010
WormTube release: 15 November, 2010
Download: Synchronized_Values.mp4 (81.10 MB)
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xJEDIxelm0no - 13 March 2011, 03:03
:D exelente video !
Peja - 16 January 2011, 08:06
gj dudes,vn video
DENnis`FD - 14 January 2011, 00:51
Hey Jedi's,

that's a very amazing and impressing video, vgj! Being a Friend of Dangerous nice tries rox!

Best regards

Turko - 3 December 2010, 22:45
jaja wormer spilberg xDDD
SHEDI`-Warlord - 28 November 2010, 19:58
ya está el competitivo ajajaja!. nah, nadie supera a Wormer spilberg,el mejor director de cine wormífero ;D
WowwoW - 25 November 2010, 21:50
=O vn , a ver si el video de UIS consigue superarlo ;D
Wormy - 17 November 2010, 06:06
LOL jedi invaders ^^
Turko - 17 November 2010, 01:56
Im famous xD

el mejor video wormy :D lo vi en hd
XcoolX - 17 November 2010, 00:35
buen video. me gusto :B aveces me gustaria ser xJEDIx pero hay algo que me lo impide...
xJEDIxWolfgang - 15 November 2010, 20:22
buen video mi favorito :D
JEDI-`Warlord. - 15 November 2010, 13:16
Yeah! que buen video, como me gusta verlo. Creo que necesito verlo mas de una vez por dia de la emoción que me da xD
La música es EXCELENTE! :D, medio marica esa que se escucha en el medio, que empieza con el logo de worms, pero bue, el video fue creado por Wormer, era de imaginar (?): mentira wormer jajajaja xD
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