This is a 20 min compilation of best moves from Kaos League Season #1. This season's champion title belongs to Stripe. Thanks a lot to all participants and DreamTrance for outstanding work moderating the event. Season #2 comming in January, stay tuned. Enjoy.
Author: lacoste
Creation date: 31st December 2010
WormTube release: 1 January, 2011
Download: Kaos League 1.mp4 (210.54 MB)
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DarK'X'LorD - 21 February 2011, 03:32
wow n video and kaos ;)
Zippo - 20 February 2011, 09:49
i've played this scheme with wormkit with nail and its just awesome. nice movie u guys are doing nice moves :D
Cueshark - 16 February 2011, 21:16
Wow, that trophy is awesome!
NAiL - 12 February 2011, 14:13
DreamTrance - 11 February 2011, 01:24
An idea of one-evening tournaments of kaos held on the first weekend of each month was born, more infos in general talks of kaos forums.
coste - 18 January 2011, 11:07
Champion's cup:
MrKaos - 17 January 2011, 19:28
Casso - 15 January 2011, 14:30
Very good job lacoste

Nice video !
Impossible - 11 January 2011, 05:42
nice video
Husk - 8 January 2011, 19:47
Enjoyed! awesome psytrance :D
Risbo - 7 January 2011, 13:53
i always forget about the boundaries of league and safe
playing, hope only that there was not allowed infinite
jp D: expect to see a better,shorter display strategy
moves,no hurry in composing and as i said that's not bad :)
coste - 7 January 2011, 11:53
Thats a league, so everyone try to play safe. I included all players that were ranked in season #1, so i dont understand your point. I agree on editing, it could be much better, but as i said, i wanted to finish it before season 2, so there was no time.
Risbo - 7 January 2011, 10:53
nice, not bad, could be more useful time spent in 20 min. of 72 games :D have no doubt that in the kaos of mighty nubz team was much interesting moments D:You should have to include greater choice of players and to broaden opportunities (short rapid strokes, clearer zoomed actions)i respect all the work and know that is no easy,heh btw thx for response of kaos presentation ;) See you until the next video without borders, greets :)
Alien - 6 January 2011, 10:38
nice video !
DreamTrance - 5 January 2011, 22:37
Cueshark, can you make season 2 movie probably, I'll be glad.
Cueshark - 4 January 2011, 20:17
Kaos is awesome and this movie is a great way to demonstrate it's awesomeness. Standard worm schemes seem so boring after playing kaos :)))
coste - 3 January 2011, 16:46
Thanx, but i was kinda in hurry with this movie. Could be a bit better if i had 2 more days, but had to leave for 3-days party and season 2 started just after i arrived. Few things are too loud, audio somehow got corrupted after rendering. Anyway its pain to make a movie on my PC, also they codec used is best i could set. Glad you like it, though.
Stripe - 3 January 2011, 14:29
Great job coste!
WowwoW - 2 January 2011, 17:20
nice1 , i will start playing kaos league soon :D
Kayz - 1 January 2011, 20:44
lacoste you are a hero!
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