The second clan video GrW, hope you like
Author: ROp3Rz
Creation date: 6th January, 2011
WormTube release: 12 January, 2011
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HH - 24 June 2011, 16:25
Nice Cutting, but bit boring scenes. Why fraps? The lags decrease the Level of the video. Video is a bit too long.
6/10 Points
Ray - 9 February 2011, 08:53
This movie brought back some old memories.
JEDI`-Warlord - 3 February 2011, 17:26
Pff 18 minutos, es larguisimo. Terrible paja verlo todo :P
Cueshark - 13 January 2011, 22:09
I'm sure from an encoder's perspective this movie is pile of wank but I enjoyed watching it which to me is more important than the technical stuff. It contains some pretty decent clips, a couple of the fails were awesome. The editing shows promise and you clearly spent a lot of time creating it. It's just a shame you didn't use the in-built export function instead of using FRAPS. You clearly know your way around a video editor so there isn't really an excuse for that. I look forward to the 3rd clan video.
CyberShadow - 12 January 2011, 18:47
Encoder's log, January 12th. New submission today. Yet another overblown WMV with a weird PAR. And in case anyone's wondering - yes, the lags were there in the source. That's what you get for using FRAPS, kids. Also, the WMV is obviously way bigger than it should be. Re-encoding. This could take a while. Let's hope these clueless kids won't start sending me bad movies on purpose just so they get HD playback (entirely undeserved).
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