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Here is it! Finally the FD video at Wormtube! Njoy!
Author: wowwow
Creation date: 15th August, 2011
WormTube release: 8 September, 2011
Download: FD clan video.mp4 (230.05 MB)
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DENnis - 16 April 2019, 19:23
Amazing Video. I appreciate all the effort and I'm very thankful! I still love to watch the FD Video again and again !-D
heroholger - 13 November 2011, 21:50
boring video with some nice FXs.
fecheonl - 9 November 2011, 17:56
good efects
Casso - 14 September 2011, 11:52
Very good video and effects. GJ FD Clan :-)
WowwoW - 10 September 2011, 22:13
haha ty Cue , I thought I had to thank you and the rest of ppl coz u make W:A even more popular as it is now :D
After effects ftw!
Cueshark - 10 September 2011, 20:40
Very nice movie and I love the effects you've used. Thanks for the mention in the credits too! Me is proud!
Wolfgang - 9 September 2011, 17:13
gj FD :D
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