Just a little reminder video. The project is still alive! ;)
So, if you have awesome scenes, please send me an e-mail with them! (See this post for more info.)
I am looking for very skillful moves in first attempts, but I am interested in funny/bl/failmoves too :)
Author: Kekskruemel
Creation date: 26th September 2011
WormTube release: 1 October, 2011
Download: aw2_reminder.mp4 (34.17 MB)
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Pirian - 1 December 2011, 22:38
Hehe, good luck to you Keks.

Keep your good works. ;)
keks - 19 October 2011, 14:34
it´s the longest production ever :D
HeroHolger - 17 October 2011, 21:08
1st official release was 2007.
2nd official release was 2008
3rd official release was: "it will be online before the Duke is back"

But it is done when its done :-)
Cueshark - 9 October 2011, 19:40
I'll wait years for something this awesome! Love the feel of this movie!
keks - 2 October 2011, 15:19
ok, can you wait till 2025? :D
DarkOne - 2 October 2011, 13:48
First! (sorry, couldn't resist :))

Can't wait to see it when it's done, sir!
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